Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unlimited Dialer Tunes

True essence of Dialer Tunes is changing the song with the mood. This is what user wants and this is what we provide with

Unlimited Dialer Tunes

We are delighted to launch Unlimited Dialer Tunes pack with Free IVR browsing for all Non-CRBT subscribers.
Product Details 
1.  Unlimited Dialer Tunes Pack offers FREE unlimited access to Dialer Tunes IVR portal with 1 month Dialer Tunes subscription
2.  Unlimited IVR browsing benefit is valid for 30 days
3.  Subscriber can set unlimited songs daily & can add multiple songs to the shuffle category

Activation Process: 
1.  Non-CRBT subscriber can activate this pack only thru OBD
2.  On successful activation, confirmation SMS would be sent to the customers about the process for accessing the Free IVR portal
3.  Subscriber needs to dial 5300053( Toll Free) to access the Free IVR portal

Subscription charges: 
1.  Rs.40 valid for 30 days
2.  In-case of insufficient balance, subscribers will be activated on Normal CRBT offer of Rs.30/30 days

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